Everyone is welcome at CONFIO Health, regardless of their ability to pay.

If you do not have insurance, we will help you determine if you qualify for financial assistance and help you enroll in a health plan. Otherwise, our fees are on a sliding-scale basis, based on the ability to pay.


Join us in addressing our community’s health needs by making a donation today. Your support makes our work possible!

As a nonprofit organization, Confio Health relies on the generosity of our donors to support the work we do, especially in underserved communities throughout DFW. Your generosity contributes to initiatives like improved access to sex ed, and increased outreach presence, and additional marketing, and more!

If at any time you have questions about becoming a donor, or about your donor experience please contact Shehan Welihindha.


What does sliding fee scale mean for you?

CONFIO Health accepts all Medicare and Medicaid insurance plans, as well as most major insurances. The Sliding Fee Discount is in place to meet the needs of the uninsured or underinsured, providing reduced costs on most services for those who qualify. No one will be denied access to services at CONFIO Health, as services are offered regardless of insurance status or ability to pay.

Sliding Fee Scale Program

We offer the Sliding Fee Discount to all income-eligible uninsured or underinsured patients, based on annual household income, for most services. Income guidelines and acceptable verification for the Sliding Fee Discount are listed below 

How do I qualify?

To qualify for the Sliding Fee Discount, you MIGHT need to show proof of gross annual income for all immediate members living in your household. Gross income is ALL income from ALL sources before taxes. Applicants should provide a copy of any of the accepted income verification materials listed below.

Interested in applying for the sliding fee scale program? 


CONFIO acepta los siguientes documentos de identificación para el programa CONTIGO de ayuda a la comunidad latina.




  • Licencia de conducir

  • Documento de identificación federal

  • Documento de identificación militar

  • Pasaporte expedido por los EE.UU.


  • Pasaporte

  • Certificado de estudios oficial

  • Estado de cuenta bancaria

  • Carta del seguro social

  • Acta de nacimiento

  • Contrato de alquiler

  • Credencial electoral

  • Recibo de sueldo reciente