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CONFIO Health is closely monitoring the coronavirus outbreak, known as COVID-19. We regularly treat patients with infectious diseases, and CONFIO physicians, nurses, and clinical staff are highly trained in infection prevention protocols.


Specific to COVID-19, we are following the procedures outlined by the CDC and state and federal healthcare authorities.

Some of the steps we have taken include:

  • Prescreening and testing for patients and staff

  • Social distancing and face covering

  • Separate COVID-19 care facilities with dedicated staffing

  • Visitor restrictions

  • Rigorous infection prevention and cleaning

As always, if you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 911. If available, put on a face mask before emergency medical services arrive.


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As a nonprofit organization, Confio Health relies on the generosity of our donors to support the work we do, especially in underserved communities throughout DFW. Your generosity contributes to initiatives like improved access to sex ed, and increased outreach presence, and additional marketing, and more!

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At CONFIO Health, our top priority is to ensure the health and welfare of our team members, clients, and patients. With news coming at you from every angle, please use this page as a trusted resource for practical recommendations. Our goal is to help businesses and workers stay safe and informed during these uncertain times.


Develop symptoms and/or have been in close contact with a person known to have COVID-19 (Coronavirus) or live in or have recently traveled from an area with the ongoing spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

We are focused on protecting you and the community. The Crescent Regional Hospital Emergency Department is prepared for the screening of patients with the presumptive concerns of having symptoms associated with this virus.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to visit our preferred Emergency Department at Crescent Regional Hospital or call us at (214)500-2013.

COVID-19 Testing

Crescent Regional Hospital is offering COVID-19 testing open to the public. This service will be available daily in their Lancaster location.
This test will give results in 15-45 mins. If you are interested in this test you will need to call to reserve your spot.



Please review the following questions. 


  1. Have you had a recent fever? 

  2. Have you had a recent cough or shortness of breath? 

  3. Have you had a sore throat, fatigue, body aches, or chills? 

  4. Have you been exposed to anyone that has been diagnosed or had known exposure to COVID-19? 

If you answered yes to any of the previous questions please give us a call before your appointment at (214)500-2013.



The role of Vitamin C in combating the COVID-19 is a major one. Taking in sufficient amounts and making sure it’s absorbed are crucial for recovery. Vitamin C is the ultimate ally for your immune system. The body’s top antioxidant is Vitamin C. The issue is that it’s stored in the adrenal glands and they use it. That is why taking Vitamin C for general wellness is important, and taking it while you’re sick is paramount for recovery.

One way to take in a sufficient amount and be sure that the body is using all of it is through the covid-19 recovery IV.

IV Therapy Visit

You can schedule your IV appointment with PUREZA Therapy from the comfort of your own home! Visit

In-person Visit


  • Upon arrival at the clinic for your appointment please call to let the office know you have arrived. 

  • A staff member will greet you at door and measure your temperature. 

  • If you have a mask please wear it; if you do not have a mask we will provide you with one.